Examples of Underwater Landscape Mosaics

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If you have only seen coral reefs or other underwater landscapes through single images, or with your own eyes as a diver or snorkeler, it may be hepful to see a few examples of what image mosaics look like. As you can see, they deliver a completely new view of the underwater landscape.

Marker 14, Key Largo, FL

This example is a patch reef near channel marker 14, off Key Largo, FL. The area covered is about 90 m2. We've used this site as a test bed for several years. Kasey Cantwell used this site in her Master's Thesis. We have an interactive, zoomalble version available online also.

 Mosaic of Marker 14, key largo florida

Andros Island, Bahamas

This example is a patch reef near Andros Town, Bahamas. The area covered is about 150 m2.

Mosaic from Andros Island Bahamas

Horsehoe Reef, Key Largo, FL

Horseshoe reef is (was) one of the largest remaining living thickets of Acropora palmata in the Florida Keys. The area covered in this mosaic is about 425 m2. There are several interactive, zoomable versions of this mosaic available.  The version shown here is from 2009. We also surveyed a larger area in 2017. The 2017 version has a yellow polygon on it showing the corresponding area from 2009.  Finally, there is a side-by-side comparison of 2009-2017.

 mosaic from horseshoe reef, fl